Indian Online Rummy Variations

The rummy game has always been a popular card game among Indians. Indulging in a game of cards with friends, family, and relatives at weekends or during a festival, is not only considered auspicious but is also very refreshing! With internet barging into every nook and corner of life, online rummy sites are gaining unprecedented popularity.

Same rules but different names! Unlike other card games, rummy comes in different variations. Just a twist of a few rules and you’ll be playing Gin rummy instead Rummy 500. In Indian card games, you can either play 13 or 21 card games. However, to play rummy games of different types try out the variations like Gin rummy, Rummy 500, California rummy, Pool rummy, Points rummy, Canasta, Deals rummy, and Raise rummy.

Types of Rummy You can play on Rummy24

Bored with the monotonous and repetitive life hacks? Why not earn some real cash with rummy? If you’ve got the skills, then Rummy24 has the variants for you. Play rummy 24x7 with an ample number of variations to choose from – Points, Deal, Tournaments, Pool and Raise. Amazing experience, excitement, and fun – play anytime, anywhere without any hassles!

Points Rummy:
If you’re new to the rummy world and not much experienced about the rummy card rules then you should try playing points rummy as this version of rummy is much easier to play. Popularly known as the 80 points rummy, this is a short 13 card rummy game with no brain hacks and you absolutely don’t need a high IQ level to play the same! and you absolutely don’t need a high IQ level to play the same! No special rummy game tricks are required to learn Points Rummy. Try playing this game with two or more players and you’ll get an adrenaline rush by the quick picking and discarding of the cards that go on in this game. With each winning point, you’ll get a money value, so whatever your opponents lose, is your winning amount!

Pool Rummy:
If you’re an experienced rummy player, then pool rummy is certainly a nostalgic name for you. To satiate the longing for a good rummy game, Rummy24 has included Pool rummy into their rummy app. What are the rules here? Very simple. You, along with all other players on the table puts some money into the table and the winner pools in the money at the end of the game. Although it’s a widely played mobile rummy game, however, start playing the same when you have got a good amount of time because there’s no fixed number of deals. The game might go on and on!

Pro tip:
Remember not to score 101 or 201. They are both deadly points that can get you out of the game! Be alert, think smart, and win real money in the rummy app.

Raise Rummy:
If you’re in for an exciting and enthralling rummy journey, then Raise Rummy is the suggested game for you. Unlike the other rummy card rules, in this game, the points keep on increasing at every interval. Keeping in pace with the name, the game starts with a pre-decided cash value, and as the game progresses the cash and points keep on raising! Play this high-energy rummy mobile game and be gripped within the game at every level.

Deals Rummy:
Fixed deals, intelligent strategies, skill-based game – Deals rummy is not for the beginners. Rummy24 includes Deals Rummy in their online rummy app designed especially for the professional and experienced rummy players. This is one variant of rummy where you can play with chips. When you’re playing the game on Rummy24, virtual chips are your options. Download the rummy app and play while you’re on your way to a long tour because this game will take time to end! The player with the highest number of chips gets to be the winner at the end of the game.

Daily tournaments, raining money, pools of prizes, and freerolls – Rummy24 has designed tournaments to suit the choices of every player who is interested in playing the games. 24x7 games in online rummy are available. So, if you’ve missed a tournament, you can check on the others in the list. Unlike the cash rummy games, here you’ll be flooded with bonuses, gifts, points, rewards, and prizes. Sounds interesting? Then, test your abilities and win unlimited cash prizes.

Why Choose Rummy24 for Playing Online Rummy Games?

Rummy24 is one of the finest rummy playing platforms in India and is loaded with captivating cash offers. Enjoy the thrill of live rummy by playing rummy online on Rummy24. User-friendly, easy play options, reliable platform, unlimited offers – Rummy24 is designed exclusively for the rummy lovers.

Anytime playing options:
Are you bored and looking for someone to start a game of rummy? Now, your wait is over! Because at Rummy24 we have players who are available all the time. Beginners, amateurs, experienced players – you can engage in Indian rummy game with any type of rummy players at bay.

Quick withdrawals:
Want to get your reward money in hand? Why wait for the same? Rummy24 has the safest and quickest withdrawal platform. Our 24/7 support chat is available to help you out with the rapid withdrawal process. Play rummy game, win cash, go to “My Account” and click on “Withdraw Cash”. Get instant cash balance transferred to your account. Fast, easy, and hassle-free process.

Unlimited tournaments:
Unlike other online rummy sites, Rummy24 understands the pulse of a rummy lover, hence we’ve laid down a series of rummy tournaments starting from low to highest pool prizes. Available 24/7, we’ve all kinds of tournaments. Some for the beginners and others for the experienced ones. Play as per your preference.

Multiple gaming options:
When you’re playing rummy online for real money, participating in more than one game can be a good option and an easy way to earn money. Wondering how to do it? At Rummy24, we give you the option of switching between games! Yes, now you can play multiple games at the same time and increase your probability of winning in at least one table! Be swift, fast, and intelligent – play in multiple tables and win loads of cash.

Reliable and fraud-free platform:
Rummy24 - Complete scam-free, safe, and dependable rummy app. It’s not a mere claim from our end, plays at Rummy24, and experience the same. We record the KYC details of all registered users and offer fair, clean, and safe gameplay. Your money and your personal details are in safe hands.