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About Rummy Tips and Tricks

Play Smartly and Win Daily

Rummy is a skill-based game and if you think winning in online rummy games is as easy as a piece of cake, then you’re definitely wrong! Like any other online game, practicing rummy on a regular basis will make you a stronger rummy player. Along with practice games you need to keep in mind the basic rummy game tricks.

If you want to stand out among the veteran rummy players, then finding new Indian rummy tricks to thwart the opponents is a smart option. While playing at Rummy24, following the online rummy rules will surely help you win loads and loads of cash prizes.

There’s no fixed tip that can help you win at the game. Get one thing straight into your mind – practice, practice and practice, that’s the key to success in Indian rummy games. If you think a set of rummy tips and tricks will help you win over the veterans in the game, then you’re again wrong.

At Rummy24, try playing the free practice games of 13 cards rummy and gradually you’ll learn the basic tips and tricks. As soon as you get smooth with strategies, the game is in your hand! At Rummy24, we want all users to become rummy pro, hence we’ve highlighted a few tricks and tips that’ll definitely come handy, as you proceed further into the world of rummy.

Must-follow Winning Tips for Online Rummy

Tip 1: Target a pure sequence at the beginning

Whatever you do, whatever strategies you apply, nothing’s going to make you a winner if you don’t have the pure sequence in hand. The most important 13 card rummy trick is to get the pure sequence as soon as possible. From the very beginning of the game, keep your eyes open for the cards that would help you make the pure sequence. Even if your opponent declares his/her cards earlier, having a pure sequence is an advantage for you. Once you’ve this in hand, you can start concentrating in other things as well.

If you start meddling with cards that will help you get an impure sequence and sets, even then your chance of winning the game is zero. Once you’ve a pure sequence in hand, you’ll start feeling confident! Remember this rummy playing trick and you’ll go a long way in the game!

Tip 2: Keep a close watch on opponent’s cards

Spying on the opponent’s cards is yet another smart way to win the game. As the saying goes – keep your friends close, but your enemies closer! To win in rummy, keeping a hawk’s eye over your competitor’s card is one of the most important Indian rummy tricks, that should be definitely kept in mind.

While playing rummy online at Rummy24, always keep a note of the cards that your opponent is picking up and the ones that they are discarding. This will give you an idea of the type of sequence or set that the person is thinking about. Since bluffing is not a feasible option in online rummy, hence guesswork plays a crucial role. How will you understand the type of cards that the opposite person has? By keeping a close watch on his/her movements on the table. You can strategize your movements accordingly.

Tip 3: Don’t discard the middle value cards

Always hold onto the middle order versatile cards like 5, 6, 7 and 8. You can either go in ascending or descending trend with these cards in hand. An Ace can be useful only when you’ve 2, 3 cards in hand. Similarly, a K, Q and J card will be useful if you’re having all three in hand. But the middle order cards can help you make sequences and sets either way round. Rummy pros call these cards as the smart cards. They are the ones which can be easily melded into any sequence or set.

Tip 4: Discard the high valued cards

The more you hold on to the high valued cards, the difficult it will get for you to get rid of them later. So, if you think that you don’t need them, then stop preserving them for the future. Let’s suppose the opponent declares his/her cards before you. Then the number of cards that you’ll have in your hand will be added up to value your points. If you’ve the K, Q and J in hand, then getting a single penny as cash prize will be a dream for you.

Tip 5: Arrange the cards in proper manner

As soon as you get the cards, start arranging them. Pilling up the cards together will not help you think clearly. For playing rummy online, you need to have the sequences and sets ready. The sooner you arrange the cards, the faster you’ll be able to notice the cards that are missing in your hand that can help you get the sequences and sets faster than your opponent. It’s like making a blue print of your strategies. You can easily organize the related cards together and keep the unnecessary ones away. This can help you discard the unnecessary ones easily. As your opponents keep on discarding the unnecessary ones, you can keep on picking them up and adding to your already existing pile. Keeping this rummy tip and trick in mind can help you get through the game easily. No confusion and easy way out of the game!

Tip 6: Drop the game when necessary

A pro rummy game trick - Be ready to drop the game whenever you feel the same. Don’t keep waiting for the right cards. The wait can be unending and may go on and on for ages. This wait can be ridiculous. If you feel that the cards, you’re having are not sufficient enough for making a pure sequence, then definitely it’s not your day. What should you do then? Give up on the game. you can’t win rummy forcefully. Good cards are very essential that can make you unprecedented winner of the game! dropping doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a loser. It’s actually quiet a wise decision. This ensures that you leave the game with at least some money!

Tip 7: Keep counting the points in your hand

Ending up with high points can make you a loser inevitably in the game of rummy. This is a major rummy playing trick. As you progress through the game, you’ll have to keep a track of the points of the cards that are left in your hand. This will help you get rid of the high value cards and you may end up with the less values so that you can be close to the winner. In case you’re playing the free rummy games, then this trick might not be useful for you! But for the pros, keeping a track of the points is very important. Do remember this point without fail!

Tip 8: Don’t give hints of cards to your opponent

Yes, it is vital to keep your cards hidden from your opponents. The rummy playing tricks that you’re memorizing, is known to your opponents as well. So, picking up the right cards at the right time will be a strategy for all players down the table. While picking up cards from the discarded file, don’t make to too relevant. Hold on to the cards. Don’t be in a hurry to complete the set or sequence that you’re targeting. In case of a pure sequence, always try to use the cards from the closed pile. However, if not possible then you must definitely move into the discarded open pile section.

Tip 9: Pattern for sequences

How many cards do you need to make a sequence? Many pro rummy players get confused with the number of cards that would actually help them to form a valid pure sequence. As per online rummy rules, up to 4 cards can be used to make a valid sequence. Sometimes players think that around 5 to 6 cards are required to make a valid sequence. Making a pure sequence is technically a very hard job. Ask any veteran rummy player and they’ll share the tiring experience. However, with 4 cards in hand it seems really easy to make a sequence. To know more about the sequences and sets, check out the “how to play” section at Rummy24.

Tip 10: Tricking the opponent to discard cards

Let’s say you need a 10 to complete your pure sequence. However, a look at the discarded section shows your that there’s not the card that you’ll be needing. Be smart and trick your opponent to give up the card that you need! This can be definitely done. Remembering these 13 cards rummy tricks can be really useful in such tough times. Whenever you want your opponent to discard a card, take a step ahead. Discard the cards closer to the one that you’ll be needing. This makes the opponent think that these are some of the safe cards and they end up discarding the same. As soon as they discard the card, your work is done. Pick them up and form your desirable sequence!

Tip 11: Keep jokers for saving your day

Jokers are undoubtedly the life-savers when it comes to rummy games online. Whenever you’re stuck with a set or a sequence, it’s joker who can save your back. Except the pure sequence, a joker card acts as a lifeline for you throughout the game. Just make the pure sequence as soon as possible and then you can start with the available cards and take help of the joker for making the sets and other sequences. However, a pure sequence is a must! You can’t avoid the fact that a pure sequence is definitely required to win the game. Once you’ve got that in control, use the joker smartly to get the impure sequences or sets whichever fits to the cards that have been dealt. The rule of joker is same for all rummy variations.

Tip 12: Confuse your opponent

In online rummy there’s very less possibility of bluffing. You can’t see your opponent and neither can he/she see your expressions. Hence bluffing is definitely not a plus point in these games. On the other hand, you can smartly confuse your opponent. Your opponent must be noticing your moves and hence discarding and picking the cards at the right time can confuse your opponent. Throw out a low valued card and check the next move of your opponent. They’re definitely going to be bewildered by the type of sequence or set that you’re aiming for! This is smart Indian rummy trick that the pro players try randomly.

If you’re acquainted with these rummy playing tricks, then winning at Rummy24 will not be a difficult situation for you! Read the tricks, keep them in mind, make up your strategies and start playing a smart and professional game. Remember these tips are pointers, there’s no assurance that you’ll win the game if you use these pointers. However, you can easily improve your gameplay if you follow these tips.