Rummy Online Glossary

If you don’t know the language of rummy, you may get baffled while you indulge in the game.

Read on and become an overall expert in the game.

101 Pool Rummy:

It’s a variation of Raise rummy game where the game is played until one of the players reaches 101 points. The smart rummy game trick in this is the other person with zero points becomes the winner. The only strategy in this game is to survive until the end and get your opponents out as soon as possible!

201 Pool Rummy:

Similar to 101 pool rummy, the basic rummy card rules here is that the player with 201 points gets eliminated from the game. Be alert and stop yourself from scoring 201 points. Low points make you a winner.


In a 52-card set, you’ll get 4 Aces, one from each suit – Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. While playing 13 card rummy game, use it for lower as well as higher valued card sequences. Value of the card – 10 points.

Aces High:

If you’re using the Ace cards for high point value, then the same is known as Aces high. A sequence of A-K-Q is an example of Aces high. King is generally the highest values card and putting Ace before the same makes Ace get the highest position in the game.

Aces Low:

Contrary to the above practice, when the Ace is counted as the lowest valued card in the game, then you can call the same Aces low. A sequence of A-2-3 is a valid one in this case.

Best of Three:

You’ll get this option if you’re playing Deals rummy. In this case, you compulsorily need to play 3 rounds of the rummy game online and gather points. And if you manage to secure the least number of points after 3 rounds, then you’ll get real cash from the rummy app.


If you opt for playing online cash rummy, then you need to buy-in your position into the game. Buying-in simply means putting in a certain amount of pre-specified entry free to start playing the game. The collected entry fees given by all the players become the winning amount of the player left at the end of the gameplay.

Closed Deck:

The cards left after the initial cards have been distributed to all the players is known as closed deck. You can pick up cards as you move on into the game from the closed deck but remember to reshuffle it every time to avoid any kind of repetitive cards.

Cut Joker:

This is an interesting card of the game. Professionals are well aware of this rummy playing trick, where a card is arbitrarily chosen from the closed deck and the same starts acting as a joker for the rest of the game.


For online rummy players, chips act as the virtual money that they get at the very beginning when the start the game. Start playing with the same and win real cash at the end of the game.


The pack of 52 cards that are being used for the play is simply known as a deck in any rummy card game. The pack of cards that the players discard during the game is known as the open deck and as the name suggests, it is open to all players. Pick up cards as per your convenience from the same. However, the cards which are put face down after all 13 cards being distributed to the players, is known as closed deck. You are not allowed to see the values of such cards.


As simple as the meaning of the term, the dealer is the person who distributes the cards. In offline mode, a toss decides the dealer. In the online rummy app, the system chooses the dealer and gives a turn to every player in a clockwise direction.


When you hear the word “deal” just assume the simple meaning where the dealer distributes the cards to all players at the beginning of the game. However, if you here the term “Deals Rummy” then don’t mix it with the same. It’s a variant of rummy card games.


Declaration that you’ve completed the valid sequences or sets – that’s the last stage of every rummy game. Whether it’s a13 card or 21 card or points or deals rummy, the declaration process is mandatory and the same for all. Indian rummy rules say as soon as a player declares the winner of the game is decided.


If you want to give up a particular card that doesn’t fit your sequence or set, then you’ll be discarding the same.

Discard Pile:

When you and the other players start discarding the unwanted cards then the stack of the unwanted cards present in the closed deck is known as a discarded pile.


Even after the cards have been dealt, each player is required to take up a card from the deck to keep the rummy game inflow. This is simply known as the drawing of cards.


This is a facility given to online rummy players only. In case while playing if you feel that your hand is weak and you’ll not succeed in securing good points, then you can drop the game and try out for a better one. Download the rummy app to enjoy this feature.

Face card:

The 10-pointer cards in Indian rummy games are called face cards. Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Aces of all suits are the only face cards in the game.


The number of rounds that are present in a rummy game is called a game. Depending on the type of the number of players or the nature of the game, there can be single or many rounds.


Number of cards dealt with every player in any game of rummy is known as the hand.

Impure sequence:

If you’re unable to form a pure sequence and take the help of a joker to form a sequence of minimum 3 cards of the same suit, then as per rummy rules it’s an impure sequence.


In any game of rummy, the joker is a life-saver. Use joker as a replacement of any card and form a set or sequence easily. So, if you’re just one sequence away from the winning moment, then a joker can save your day.


To arrange the cards in a valid set in any game of rummy is known as a meld.


The process of arranging the same into a valid set is known as melding.


The cards which are lower to Titlu and are of the same suit are known as Nichlu cards in rummy games.

Paper Joker:

In 13 cards rummy among the 52 cards there’s always a paper joker or a printed joker as you may call it. Unlike the wild joker, they are the default ones that each player gets. They have the same value as that of the wild joker in the card game.


These are the cards higher to that of the Titlu and are of the same suit.

Pure sequence:

When you’re able to arrange 3 cards of same suits consecutively without taking the help of the joker, then the same is called a pure sequence. To get real money from the rummy app, you need to have at least one pure sequence in hand before you declare your cards.


As per online rummy rules, the positioning of the cars in a successive order is known as the ranking of cards.


Every deal of rummy played by each player is known as the round.


Every player is given some points for playing the rounds. The same is known as rummy scores.


When you’ve been able to form a consecutive range of three or more cards of the same suit, then the range is popularly known as a sequence. A pure sequence is the one formed without joker and an impure sequence is the one formed with a joker. Without a pure sequence, it’s impossible to win in the game.


Unlike the sequences, when the same value cards of different suits are taken into account to form the range, then it’s known as the set.


Rearranging the cards and blending the same in order to avoid any repetitive card distribution is known as shuffling. This is usually done before the cards are dealt.


13 cards of the same color and symbol forms a suit.


This is a common term for the 21 card rummy players. Players randomly choose a card at the beginning and use the same as wild cards throughout the game.


Again in 21 cards rummy when a player can form a group of three cards of same suit and same rank thereby forming a pure sequence then the same is called Trinala.

Wild card:

As the name suggests, under rummy card rules, a wild card is the one which is an auxiliary card in the game and helps to complete sets and impure sequences.