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Playing online rummy has become an inseparable part of every card game lover’s life. Although, the concept of rummy was in existence for centuries and decades, however, technology has improved the way we view rummy. Invention of internet, smartphone and gaming applications has made the lives of millions of people smooth and hassle-free.

Technology has not only helped in making life easier but has also been a blessing for millions of gaming enthusiasts. With online rummy apps that can be download with a just a swipe of finger, you don’t need to carry the deck of cards everywhere you go!

Are you in a mood of playing rummy? But can’t find a companion who will sit with you for a round of rummy? No issues. Online rummy apps will fulfill your dreams now. there’s no need of getting hold of a bunch of people for playing a game of rummy. Things have changed. Thanks to technology, you can now access the same in your mobile anytime and at any place. Physical rummy sessions are a myth now. Playing online is the new trend. It’s more convenient and more reliable. Moreover, online rummy gives you the opportunity of playing the game anytime as per your wish.

No need to worry about the rules. Millions of rummy enthusiasts are switching from traditional to online rummy sites. At Rummy24, playing rummy game online is absolutely safe, secure and rewarding! Hurry! Register with us and start filling your pockets!

Online Rummy Game Rules

Knowing the official rummy game rules isn’t enough when you’re planning on playing online rummy. Although the basic rules remain the same, however a quick glance at some of the online rummy rules can give you edge over the others playing at Rummy24.

The moment you download Rummy24, make sure that you follow these golden steps to start your gameplay.

Rule1: Download the Rummy24 app in any versions (available in both iOS and android versions)

Rule 2: Log into the app by providing details and registering the same

Rule 3: After logging in, you’ll be redirected to the lobby.

Rule 4: You’ll find the list of ongoing rummy games which includes Cash rummy and other rummy games. Apart from real cash games, you can also try the free games.

Rules 5: You’ll find the different rummy variants listed in your lobby. Choose from the same and start your game.

Rule 6: Click on the “Join” button after you select the specific online rummy table that you’re planning on joining.

Rule 7: Once you join the table, you’ll get the options of adding more members or playing with the existing ones.

Rule 8: A countdown will begin with a timer, within which every probable player will automatically join the table.

Rule 9: With the ending of the countdown, the game will start and the cards will be tossed virtually.

Rule 10: If you win the toss, the remember that you’re the one who will start the rummy game online.

Online Rummy Tips to Definitely Remember

While playing rummy online, you need to be very alert all the time. A wrong button and you can lose out on a successful game. Unlike the traditional rummy card game, in online rummy apps, few things should be always kept in mind to successfully win the game. Let’s say, instead of pressing the “discard button” you’ve pressed the “drop button”, what will happen? Certainly, your game will get over and instead of winning the game you’ll end of losing. The worst part is that you’ll not get the opportunity of even showing your gameplay in case you press the wrong button!

Here’s a few pointers that can save your back from such situations.

• While playing online rummy at Rummy24, you should keep a note of the timer that goes on in the app. The timer gives extra seconds to the player and if you don’t pick or discard the card within the same, then your turn will be dropped automatically.

• Always keep a note of the drop button. Don’t get confused between the drop and the discard button.

• If you want to leave the game instantly, then press the drop button.

• On the other hand, if you want to remove a card from the cards that’ve been dealt, then press the discard button.

• As per online rummy rules, remember that auto drop will happen if you don’t react, pick or discard any cards within the extra time that if being offered.

• Unlike the traditional rummy game, while playing rummy online at Rummy24, you can easily press the sort button and arrange the cards according to the type in either ascending or descending order. This gives a better view of all the cards that you’ve in hand and you can form the sequences faster.

Why is Rummy24 the Best Application to Play Rummy Online?

Rummy24 is India’s fastest, most secure, easiest and entertaining platform to play rummy online. Playing rummy with a physical pack of cards is a history now. Enjoy the same thrill in your mobile application by installing Rummy24. Playing rummy online in real money apps are now trending. As internet has successfully penetrated in every segment of daily life, hence people have very less time for socializing and finding physical friends.

Keeping the need of the hour in mind, has been designed especially for all the rummy lovers. The app is available in all mobile versions and have been designed with easy user-interface. Loaded with attractive and exclusive features, it’s always raining cash at Unlike other online rummy sites, Rummy24 offers the extravagant feature of zero platform fee and rummy games ranging from lower to higher tables.

Are you broke? Looking for an easy way to earn some cash for the next party? Then Rummy24 is you one-stop solution. No entry fee required. Start playing at the low-priced tables. Walk your way up to the bigger winning amounts gradually. Moreover, while playing here, you’ll be loaded with bonus, gifts and offers. Rummy24 is loaded with top-notch security systems, instant withdrawal system and seamless customer support system.

Once you download, install and start playing at Rummy24, you will be hooked on to your mobile phones 24/7. This easy-to-use and absolutely legal online rummy site will certainly keep you craving for more! Gear up, roll up your sleeves and start playing real money online rummy games now at Rummy24.

Is Online Rummy Legal in India?

At Rummy24, we provide SSL certified site for our users and complete KYC verification is done for the users who participate in the game. Although the online gamers have readily accepted the trend of online gaming, however, there’s always a dilemma playing in their minds about the legality of the game. If you fall under the category of such distressed rummy lover, then, Rummy24 is the site for you.

Everything that we do here is with a legal mindset. Rummy24, is a legal online rummy site and is the most trusted platform for playing and winning real cash prizes. Moreover, all our cash games adhere to the rules of fair play policies so that you get the fairest chance of winning at the games by showcasing your talent and brains.

Online rummy transactions at Rumm24 are absolutely safe and secured modes of payment gateways are used to protect the information of the users. As soon as you sign-up at Rummy24, a large welcome bonus will be awarded to your bank account to welcome you on board with the rest for playing rummy online.

With daily updates on promotions, offers, deposits and prizes playing rummy game at Rummy24 is an all-time enjoyable option. You’ll surely get amazing cash rewards even if you’re unable to level up high into the game. Rummy24 abides by all legalities of online gaming and thus you can blindly trust the online rummy site with all your money.

Be assured and play safe at