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Indian Rummy Card Game is surely on the top the list amongst the popular Indian card games. It is played just like the classical Rummy game and is popularly known as “Paplu” around the nation. Although, the history of the Indian rummy game is vaguely known, people are playing Indian Rummy for many decades now. It is a widespread belief that Indian rummy is the combination of the popular US-based game, Gin Rummy & Rummy 500. It is just as much fun if not more to play Indian rummy games!

Formats of Indian Rummy

As of now, the Indian Rummy has two formats:

a. 13-card game
b. 21-card game
As 13 card online rummy game is more popular in Indian rummy game, below are some notable details about it.

Indian Rummy Vocabulary

Like most of the card games, Indian Rummy too has some terms that you might encounter while a rummy game is in progress. Some of the important ones are:
Shuffle – it is shuffling of the rummy cards that offers the edge of chance to each of the players. There are no manipulations taken care of by subsequent cutting.

Discard – Picking up one card means discarding another. A separate pile of discarded cards forms while playing the game.

Deadwood – The rummy cards which haven’t formed sequences or sets are deadwood.

Count – The total number of points of a online rummy player’s deadwood.

Drop – This is the one thing a rummy online player wouldn’t wish to do. Drop the game even before your turn comes in the game.

Indian rummy rules

2 to 6 players play rummy game with 2 deck of cards having the objective of arranging all cards in proper sets and sequences with minimum 2 sequences. Out of which one needs to be pure sequence and rest can be any valid sets or sequences. Each deck has 52 cards + 2 printed jokers.

What is a sequence?
Running numbers of the same suit is a sequence. Ace is used as the highest or the lowest card.
K ♥ J ♥ Q ♥

What is a pure sequence?
A sequence made without including a joker card is pure sequence. The only exception to this rule is when the joker card is not used as a substitute car but as the card itself.
J ♥ Q ♥ K ♥

What is a set?
A set is three cards of different suits but of same face value.
A ♠ A ♥ A ♣

What is a joker?
Although joker has 0 points in the rummy game, it has huge significance in the game. There are two sorts of joker found in the game of rummy:
• The printed joker or the wild card.
• A random card chosen from the deck after the cards are dealt and before the game begins.
How does a joker work?
A joker is very useful while playing Indian Rummy game as it can be used as a substitute for any other card. For e.g., if you have now made your 2 compulsory sequences and need only one more card to end your game, you don't have to wait for a particular card. You can just use the joker in place of the card to complete your sequence or set and declare your game. If you have 2, 3 and 5 of spades, and 8 is the joker, then you can use that joker as 4 of spades to make your sequence. That will be an impure sequence. This is valid only once you have a pure sequence in hand.

How to play Indian rummy?

Now that you have got a knowhow of basic rummy rules, let's get into how to play rummy precisely. It's a simple and methodical procedure. A dealer is chosen at random. Then each player takes turns to deal the cards.

Shuffle and Deal: The deck is shuffled and each player is dealt 13 cards.
Open card: After the card is dealt, the top card is opened for the game to start. The open card may or may not be used by the person who begins playing the rummy card game.
Joker: The dealer then chooses a random card from the deck, which is the joker for that game. Now the game starts.
Drawing and discarding: Each player in his/her turn draws a card either from the deck or the open card on top. The player must then discard a card, any card. A player should have 13 cards at the end of each turn.
Declaring the game: All cards is arranged in valid sequences and sets, with at least one pure sequence. The 14th card is discarded in the finish slot. This ends one round of the game. Setting and Playing the Indian Rummy Game Before the beginning of a game of Indian Rummy, a dealer is selected through a system of draws. The procedure needs each player to draw one card from the shuffled pack of cards. The person who draws the lowest card first would be the one dealing first. This lottery that decides the dealer also stipulates what seats all players get before gameplay commences. Now, after the dealer is decided, the selected person shuffles the cards well and shows the pack to the player to the immediate left. This player takes out a card from the shuffled pack and places it, face up. This card is fixed as the joker for that game of Indian Rummy.