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How to Play Rummy – A Beginners Guide

Indian rummy is an easy card game to learn and play. Online rummy is played with two players or six players on a table. On a table of 2 players, one deck of cards is used. And on a table of 6 players, two decks are used. Players sit around the table to pick and discard cards on their turn in clockwise order. The players can pick their cards either from the open deck or from the closed deck of cards and discard one card to the to the open deck.
If you are fond of the card games, you can easily learn how to play 13 card rummy! It is the most popular rummy card game in India. Play rummy game anywhere, anytime, at office or at home and earn real money. When you play your goal is to defeat your opponents by making sequences and combination sets of cards first.
Objective of rummy
The goal of rummy game is to place the 13 cards and arrange them into sequences or sets. Rummy players need minimum 2 sequences out of which 1 must be pure sequence. A pure sequence is made without a joker. The second sequence may be pure or impure. To make pure groups, players can make 2 sets maximum, same cards of different suits. All rummy games begin with a toss, which decides which player will make the first move in the game. While playing the game, a player should first focus in making a pure sequence first. This can be followed by making a second sequence and look for other cards to make sequences or sets.
The strategy is quite different when playing with 1 deck of cards or 2 decks. One deck is played by 2 players and two decks is played by 6 players. The game runs very fast with one deck of cards. You can count the cards which the opponent player discards and plan accordingly. On the other hand, in 2 decks game, it is tough to count the cards.
13 Card Online Rummy Card Game Tips and Tricks
The professional rummy players can play rummy online and it can be their good source of earning money. Rummy is a tricky game and the quick trick is that the players have to be very attentive, focused and good at card counting. Rummy players also need to keep an eye on the cards picked and discarded by their opponents. With some practice, the players can win and earn real money.
Card Dealing
Each rummy player is dealt 13 cards randomly. The first card of the pack is placed on the deck to indicate that the game has begun. Rest of the cards are placed face down as closed deck on the table. At the start of the game, a joker card is picked randomly. If the joker card selected is the printed Joker of the pack, the players can use the Ace card of any suit as a joker when they make sequences or sets.
Rules to use Joker
Joker plays interesting part in a rummy online game. It is said that the existence of Joker makes rummy more exciting and interesting. They are the game changer in the online game. Following are the two types of jokers
1. Printed Joker – There is one printed joker in every deck of cards.
2. Wild card joker – After players are dealt with cards, one card is opened and placed below the closed deck. This is a joker for that game and is wildcard joker. If the open joker is the printed joker, then all Aces are wild card jokers.
Use of Joker cards in Rummy
• Picture joker and wild card jokers complete any impure sequence or sets.
• The wild card joker and printed joker are treated with equal status.
• If any opponent discard joker by mistake, the other players cannot pick it up.
• A joker is picked from the open deck if it is the first turn of the game.
• A joker is picked from the closed deck any time as long as it is that player’s turn to pick.
• A joker card carries no points.
Player turns
Each player takes turns to pick a card from the closed deck. Then the player discards a card to the open deck. With this the player combine all cards into valid sequences or sets. The online rummy players can use one and even more than one joker card to complete sequences or sets. Once all the sequences or sets are complete, the rummy players can declare the end of the game from their side by moving a card to the “finish” spot on the game table.
When the players declare, they must arrange their cards in sequences or sets and ‘show’ the arranged cards. Once done, players have to click on the ‘declare’ button. The game is regarded as to be finished, if the rummy players declare at least two sequence, of which one must be a pure sequence (a sequence made without the use of a Joker card.
Note: In case of using two pack of cards in the game, a player cannot use the same card twice in a set.
Rummy Points Calculation
Every rummy card carries points. Players who lose the game gets points based on their hand score. All the numbered cards (2-10) carry points based on their face value. This means, an 8 carries 8 points and 2 carries 2 points. Card A, J, Q and K of any suit carry 10 points. Joker cards do not carry any points. Points of all cards which are not arranged in sequences or sets adds up for each losing player when the game ends. If a player is unable to form a pure sequence, points for all cards in player’s hand is counted. In case, the losing player has two sequences, having one pure out of the two, the pure sequence cards are not counted. A losing player can get maximum 80 points. Even if the player’s hand score adds up to more than 80 points, the player will get 80 points maximum. If a losing player gets no turn before another player makes a valid declare, then the losing players get half the points of the hand score.
Drop option in Online Rummy
Before we tell you about the drop option, you might wish to know what is drop option?
There are three types of rummy variations. In 2 players game, the players cannot ‘drop’ a deal. In more than two players game, a player can drop the game during his/her turn any time.
In all the variants of the rummy game online, if the players miss three turns consecutively or row, they will automatically get dropped from the rummy game. Their points will be calculated according to their hand score, with 80 being the maximum point. In order to drop the game, players should not pick a card from open or closed deck in a particular turn. If the players drop the game in any succeeding turn, they earn 40 points. If they miss 3 turns in a row, they are dropped automatically from the game and they get 40 points.
In case of disconnection from the game, players can ask to be either dropped after three missed turns, or, they might be asked to stay at the game table till connected to the table.

Rummy Sequences ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

How to form online rummy sequences?
Before we tell our online rummy players how to form rummy sequences, they should know what does rummy sequence mean.
In online rummy, sequence is a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. There are two kinds of sequences formed during rummy play:
• Pure sequence
• Impure sequence
To win a game of rummy, you need at least one pure sequence in rummy hand.
Pure Sequence
A pure sequence is a group of three or more cards of the same suit. These cards are placed consecutively on the rummy table. To form a pure sequence in the online rummy card game, a player cannot use a joker or a wild card.
Here are a few examples of the pure sequences in rummy:
Example 1: 7 8 9 - This is the pure sequence with three cards.
Example 2: 2 3 4 5 - This is the pure sequence with four cards.
In both the cases, there is no use of Joker or wild cards.
Impure Sequence
An impure sequence is a group of three or more cards of the same suit.
The sequence has one or more Joker card used.
Here are some examples of the impure sequence in rummy.
Example 1: 6 7 Q 9
-Q has been used as a wild Joker replacing 8 to form an impure sequence.
Example 2: 5 Q 7 8 PJ
- Impure sequence with Q as wild joker which is replacing 6 and the Printed Joker is replacing 9.
How to form different sets?
A set is a group of three or more cards of the same value but different suits. When you are making sets, you can use wild cards and jokers.
Here are some of the examples of sets in rummy online card games:
Example 1: A A A
- This set with all the Ace of different suits, make a valid set.
Example 2: 8 88 8
- Rummy set is formed with four 8 cards of different suits.
Example 3: 9 Q 9 9
- Here Q ♠ has been used as wild joker replacing 9 ♣ to make set.
Example 4: 5 55 PJ
- Printed Joker replacing 5 to make set.
Example 5: 5 5Q PJ
- Here Q has been used as wild joker replacing 5 & Printed joker replacing 5 to make set.
Example 6: 5 5 PJ Q Q
- This is a set of 5 cards with Printed Joker & Q as wild joker replacing 5 5 and one more wild joker Q to complete 13 cards grouping.
A Typical Example for the rummy online players:
Example: 3 4 5| 5 6 7 8| 5 5 PJ Q Q
- Set of 5 cards is made to complete the grouping of 13 cards and make a valid “Declare”.

How to play rummy card game?
Playing online rummy games is not that tough. You can easily learn how to play rummy and hone your skills and strategy playing at the rummy app.
1. Rummy online card game can be played between 2 to 6 players with one and two deck of cards respectively. When played with more than 2 players two deck of cards is used. Each player at the table has 13 cards and one random card is selected as the Joker card or wild joker of the game.
2. The player has to draw or discard cards to create valid sets of sequences of the 13 cards he has. To make a valid set of sequences, the player can use wild joker or printed joker of the deck to make impure sequence and sets.
3. As per Indian rummy rules, once a player has arranged 13 cards in valid 2 sequences, which includes 1 pure sequence and more groups (sequences or sets), one can declare and win the game.
What is an Invalid Declare?
An invalid “Declare” in rummy card game occurs when the player clicks on the “Declare” button, but the cards are not in valid sequences and sets. Thus, the player will lose the game and the opponent will automatically is the winner.
Here are few examples of common invalid “Declare” by the rummy online players:
Wrong “Declare” with Invalid Sets
Example 1: 10 10 10 10 Q
- A set can have 3 cards or more, but a set needs to be formed with cards of the same value and different suits.
Example 2: K K K
- Though, this set consists of cards of the same face value, the set has more than one card of the same suit and this is invalid.
Wrong “Declare” with Invalid Sequences
Example 1: 10 10 10 10 | 5 5 5 | 6 6 6 | 9 9 Joker
- A valid “Declare” needs 2 sequences, out of which an online rummy player needs pure sequence. However, in the given example there is no sequence, making it an invalid “Declare”.
Example 2: K K K | 6 7 Joker | 9 10 J Joker | 5 5 5
- This set shows that there are 2 sequences, however both are impure sequence. It is compulsory to have a pure sequence before you make a “Declare”.
Example 3: Q Q Q | 6 7 8 9 | 5 5 5 | 10 10 10
- In this set, there is a pure sequence, but the 2nd sequence is missing and hence it is an invalid “Declare”.