The History of Rummy

History and evolution of Rummy card game

Rummy card games are not a new concept. Rather the game has been there for centuries. According to internet, Conquian is the most ancient form of rummy and initially the rules of the game were similar to that of Gin rummy. Similarly, the history of Indian rummy dates back to decades when the game was played merely during social gatherings. You might find rummy pros making up different stories about the game’s background, however what you believe if up to you.

The basic version of playing rummy game is known as Sai rummy or Sanka rummy. The Indian version of the same is known as Indian rummy. However, history shows traces of rummy even during the WW1 era. Especially Hungarian newspapers have reports related to the game. Again during 1915, rummy card games were a favorite pastime at the coffee tables of so-called cafes of that time. Instances of the same has been found in different remnants of Budapest city. So, you can securely be sure of the fact that since the times of WW1, the existence or rummy was highly prevalent and the game was played by many irrespective of class and culture.

Asia or Spain – which is the birthplace of rummy?

If you believe that modern day playing rummy online versions is a better version of Conquian game, then claiming the game has originated in Spain or Mexico can be a feasible. Native Spanish people believe that the game was initially invented here and later travelled to America. But there’s a debate over the same. Because the Americans claim that real cash rummy that is being played nowadays has originated from a popular game called “Mahjong” in China. So, ultimately Asians have a deep-rooted belief that this their game and has been in their traditions for last 1000 years!

As all these theories are completely speculated based on the folklores, hence there’s no sure hot information suggesting the actual birth place of Indian rummy games. However, since years now, you’ll find travelers from across the world carrying these cards across different geographical boundaries. So, without wasting much time in assessing the real birthplace of these cards, it’s better to enjoy the game and earn cash in real time.

Nomenclature of the game as “Rummy”

Have you ever heard of rum? In British English, rum is considered to be slang word that denotes something peculiar, strange and absurd in nature. Some believe that the name “rummy” has originated from “Rum” or “rum poker” which is a similar type of game that was previously played by British people. Online rummy players feel that the uncanny resemblance of the name with Rum, which is a popular alcohol variant can also be the reason behind naming the game. All these never-ending range of theories have no proofs of their own. However, as days pass by, more and more numbers of theories keep adding to the same.

Popularity graph of Rummy game

With growing fanbase, rummy card games online have become unquestionably the most popular variant of card game in the modern day. Since there’s no end to creativity that you can use in this game, hence netizens and millennials are addicted to the likes of this game. Just a look over the online rummy rules can help you go higher into the stages of the game.

Previously when the concept of online rummy apps was not present, carrying just a deck of cards in the pocket was a feasible option. However, the popularity of the game surged from the time real cash rummy apps got introduced. Although history shows proof of the game being in existence from 1915, however the game gained popularity from 1930 onwards. Again, during the great depression, when people lost their jobs and mostly stayed indoors, rummy became a favorite pastime for many.

From the time rummy reached internet, convenience of the online game ushered thousands and millions of people to the game. If you’re a card game lover, then you would know how difficult it is to stay away from the games. By nurturing this weak point, online rummy sites introduced the concept of 24/7 online rummy games. And that’s how India became hooked to online rummy games.

Moreover, downloading rummy apps in mobile phones are now a convenient process. All the rummy sites have made sure that the rummy apps are made user-friendly in nature. If you’re looking for sone such authentic real money rummy app, then close your eyes and trust Rummy24.

In case you’ve nothing to do over the weekend, then engaging in an exciting game of rummy can be useful and financially viable as well. Moreover, rummy game is continuously increasing in the last few years because the millennials are literally in love with the game.

Does the game have any connection with Poker?

You might find various theories claiming that rummy originated from Rum Poker. Hence, many believe that there’s a deep connection between both the variations of card games. However, ask a pro and you’ll get to know the basic differences between both. The most important rummy playing trick is to play the game with wits, skills and strategies. But poker players have a different mindset. According to them the outcome of the game majorly depends on the type of cards that you get. If your cards are bad, then winning at poker is impossible. While playing rummy on mobile, you can win even if the cards are not in your favor. With years of practice, great skill-sets, rational thinking capacity and logical approach to the game – winning at rummy is never impossible.

If you’re trying to find any deep relation between both, then playing the games will make you understand that apart from the history there’s not much similarity between these two card games. You can however claim that both the games are good for social engagement and advent of online rummy sites and online poker has made the game easily accessible to everyone. Winning real-time cash prizes are no more a dream for card game players. Download Rummy24, the best rummy app, read the rules and start playing your game!