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good online rummy player

Signs That Suggest That You’re A Good Online Rummy Player

With the advent of online rummy apps, the traditional rummy game has got a new dimension. Although rummy has been in the Indian culture since a long time, however after digitalization the game was slowly fading and losing its ground. However, good news for the

online rummy night

Online Rummy – An Interesting Activity for Night Owls

There are people who love staying awake for long hours during the night and compensate by sleeping during the day. Majorly the students, teenagers and the professionals fall under this group. If you’re working and are engaged in something productive, then staying awake seems easy.

rummy fun fact

Rummy Fun Facts: Significance of The Word Rummy

Rummy is a fun-filled game. Playing rummy in app or offline is a trend nowadays. With different rummy apps available, getting rid of boredom is easy now. As you browse through the blogs, you’ll find many write-ups mentioning in details about the different variations of

online rummy or chess

Which Brain Game is More Popular – Online Rummy or Chess?

Brain games have always been popular among Indians. Extravagant display of intelligence has been a way of showing skills for Indians. in this respect, it’s necessary to mention rummy and chess, both of which had been in the Indian culture for a long time. Everyone

gin or indian rummy

Gin or Indian Rummy – Which is Preferred by Online Rummy Players?

Rummy is a popular game. Not only Indian rummy but also the other variants like Points, Gin, Contract is also a few ones that are played by many. Although the basic rules are the same, however, with the change of countries there’ve been variations in the rules.

online rummy tricks

5 Tricks to Help You Stay Ahead of Your Opponent in Rummy Game

Playing rummy in the app is now a popular source of the game. Want to know why? Because of the unlimited fun, excitement, and cash prizes, online rummy is now one of the most loved games among the millennials. Game is easy, rules are common – then why

Downswings of online rummy

Ways to Deal with the Downswings of Online Rummy Game

Like any other game, it is perfectly acceptable for any player to experience losses. Rummy is a game that involves risk factor, and there are times when uncertainty occurs. This is obvious that after winning online rummy games for an extended period of time, facing

rummy tricks without joker

Tricks of Playing and Winning Rummy Without Joker

13 cards rummy is the commonest form of online rummy that most of the players prefer playing. Especially, Indians are literally addicted to this game of rummy. Once you start playing the game, you’ll relish the same. Not only will you get the opportunity of

mobile online rummy

Mobile Online Rummy – Fastest and Smoothest Gaming Experience

Are you stuck within the four walls for months now? The pandemic has certainly taken a toll on our social life. No parties, no office, no outings – how to survive the boredom? The Internet has been a bliss over such hard times. Downloading the online