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chip dumping rummy

Chip Dumping – Ethical or Unethical in Online Rummy?

Fair play in rummy is a necessary prospect. If the game is not being played fairly then the proximity of winning in online rummy gets reduced. Thus, every online rummy app focuses on establishing different ethical rules and regulations that helps in keeping the gameplay

rummy fun evening

Top Indian Games for A Promising Fun Evening

Indian and sports are two inseparable aspects. Starting from kabaddi to carrom, ludo to Indian rummy – whether it’s a physical sport or a mind game, Indians have always been on the top with their gaming attributes. Indoor games like carrom and chess are quite

online rummy game

Top 3 Reasons Why Players Lose in Online Rummy Games

Playing online rummy seems interesting if you start winning some real-time cash. However, if you keep on losing out on the same, then rummy card games become boring, uninteresting and irritating. There are many players who keeps on wondering about the reasons behind losing at

thrilling as rummy

3 Activities as Thrilling as Playing Online Rummy

Online rummy is unquestionably a thrilling game. There are few other things that are as thrilling as playing rummy in app. So, if you’re not in a mood to play rummy anytime soon now, then you can easily start with any of these activities as

good online rummy player

Signs That Suggest That You’re A Good Online Rummy Player

With the advent of online rummy apps, the traditional rummy game has got a new dimension. Although rummy has been in the Indian culture since a long time, however after digitalization the game was slowly fading and losing its ground. However, good news for the

final card rummy

Final Card in Online Rummy Games – Why is it Important?

Skills, practice, intelligence and strategies – all together combines to make a good online rummy player. In rummy a crucial strategy is to play the final card correctly. Only then the probability of winning the game increases. Especially in online rummy apps while playing the

online rummy terminologies

Online Rummy – Common Terminologies of Indian Rummy

Have you ever played a game of Indian rummy with Indians? If yes, then you might have come across terms like paplu, nichlu and tiplu. Very popular and common, these terms are randomly used by rummy players while playing rummy in apps. Especially in parts

rummy improve tips

Tips to Improve Online Rummy Gaming Skills Within A Week

With the pandemic kicking in, staying at home for maximum period of time is the new normal now! Binge watching, leisure cooking, work from home – these are the new normal trends and the faster people get accustomed with the same, the better! Among these