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money earn online rummy

4 Ways You Can Earn Money from Online Rummy

Online rummy is played by majority of the people because they know that while playing you can easily win cash. If you’re new to the game, then check out the reviews of the websites and the testimonials of the veteran players before selecting the best

online rummy night

Online Rummy – An Interesting Activity for Night Owls

There are people who love staying awake for long hours during the night and compensate by sleeping during the day. Majorly the students, teenagers and the professionals fall under this group. If you’re working and are engaged in something productive, then staying awake seems easy.

rummy facts

Interesting Facts About Marriage – A Rare Rummy Version

The mere term “marriage” seems irrelevant with rummy card game. However, for those who don’t know, marriage is a popular version of rummy that is played in Nepal and Bhutan. Hence, if you mention this name outside India, people may think you’re kidding. Especially during

card games party

4 Popular Card Games for any Party Celebrations

Card games are a great way to spend time during any party or celebrations. If you’re getting bored amongst the innumerable rituals, then starting a card game is an ideal way to kill boredom. Although online rummy has become a trend now, but when it

rummy fun fact

Rummy Fun Facts: Significance of The Word Rummy

Rummy is a fun-filled game. Playing rummy in app or offline is a trend nowadays. With different rummy apps available, getting rid of boredom is easy now. As you browse through the blogs, you’ll find many write-ups mentioning in details about the different variations of

online rummy or chess

Which Brain Game is More Popular – Online Rummy or Chess?

Brain games have always been popular among Indians. Extravagant display of intelligence has been a way of showing skills for Indians. in this respect, it’s necessary to mention rummy and chess, both of which had been in the Indian culture for a long time. Everyone

online rummy tricks

5 Tricks to Help You Stay Ahead of Your Opponent in Rummy Game

Playing rummy in the app is now a popular source of the game. Want to know why? Because of the unlimited fun, excitement, and cash prizes, online rummy is now one of the most loved games among the millennials. Game is easy, rules are common – then why

suitable online rummy

Online Rummy – A Suitable Game for All Types of Players

Rummy has been in Indian culture for centuries now. Entertainment coupled with real money has always been an attractive venture for the Indians. Thus, celebrating the festivals with a casual rummy card game, has been a preferable choice in majority Indian families. However, in the

Downswings of online rummy

Ways to Deal with the Downswings of Online Rummy Game

Like any other game, it is perfectly acceptable for any player to experience losses. Rummy is a game that involves risk factor, and there are times when uncertainty occurs. This is obvious that after winning online rummy games for an extended period of time, facing