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unwanted card rummy

Pick Unwanted Cards to Win at Online Rummy

Do you want to confuse your opponent with some clever trick? If yes, then pick up the unwanted cards and leave your opponents in awe! Although this is an age-old trick, however to win at rummy game, picking the undesired cards will make you a

dropping in online rummy

Decision of Dropping Early in Online Rummy – Failure or Success?

Unlike any other card games, rummy is exciting, enthralling and entertaining at the same time. However, the most engaging factor of the game is its ability to increase mental power and rational thinking skills of the players. Just like other games, when you start playing

authentic online rummy

3 Effective Tips for Choosing Authentic Online Rummy Website

A rummy enthusiast will like playing rummy in any possible version that is available. With online rummy now available on the smart phone screens, the game has become more popular and exciting. Every person has a different social life, it’s not always possible to connect

online rummy things

Things to Remember While Playing Online Rummy for the First Time

Are you a first-timer at rummy card games? Then, initially you’ll be lost with all the cards and the rules that concerns the game. Although the Indian rummy version has been in existence since a long time, however the experience of playing rummy online is

online rummy tips

Online Rummy Tips: How to Play Gin Rummy?

From 1970, till date, Gin rummy is popularly played by thousands of rummy players all over the world. For those who didn’t have any clue about Gin rummy, are now aware of the same, thanks to online rummy apps, everyone is now acquainted with the

rummy positive development

Positive Developments in Online Rummy in 2020

Rummy is not a modern game. Indian rummy has been around for centuries now. Ask any aged Indian and you’ll find somewhere or the other they’ve definitely played the card game. Whether online or offline, the game has always been addictive. However, now you’ll find

online rummy stress buster

Online Rummy – Top 3 Things that Makes It a Stress Buster Game

Modern day life is full of stress. There are unfortunate events taking place in different individual’s life because of the high level of stress. Games and sports have always been effective ways to reduce stress. Online rummy is one such example. Whether it’s the workplace

thrilling as rummy

3 Activities as Thrilling as Playing Online Rummy

Online rummy is unquestionably a thrilling game. There are few other things that are as thrilling as playing rummy in app. So, if you’re not in a mood to play rummy anytime soon now, then you can easily start with any of these activities as

good online rummy player

Signs That Suggest That You’re A Good Online Rummy Player

With the advent of online rummy apps, the traditional rummy game has got a new dimension. Although rummy has been in the Indian culture since a long time, however after digitalization the game was slowly fading and losing its ground. However, good news for the