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online rummy features

4 Responsible Features Present in Online Rummy Games

Indian rummy is been played in India for a long time. There have been loads and loads of changes. From offline to online, from casinos to mobiles – changes have been an integral part of rummy card games. Previously when rummy was just a family game, there

online rummy strategy

Which Is the Best Strategy for Online Rummy Games?

Few years back Indian rummy was only a live game. It was only played for fun, entertainment, and time pass. Back then no one had the slightest idea, that rummy card game will become an internationally played card game in the coming years. Thanks to

rummy game facts

5 Unknown Facts About Playing Rummy Cards

Card games are one of the most popular games among Indians. Speaking about the rummy game, whether online or offline, it’s an all-time mind refresher. From an old man to teenagers everyone is addicted to playing rummy. But did you try to unveil the history behind the

online rummy legal game

Online Rummy – Not Gambling Rather A Responsible Game

Online rummy – what comes to your mind first when you hear this term? Lots of cash, the game of chance, reckless life, and extravagant players. Naturally, the television shows project card games as a mere source of earning and spending money thoughtlessly. But there’s more

online rummy interesting

4 Points That Makes Online Rummy an Interesting Card Game

Any card game has always been fun and loved by people. Rummy, among all other card games, is famous because you can play it with your family and friends. Did you ever wonder why so many people are addicted to online rummy nowadays? The rules are very

rummy myths

5 Common Myths Surrounding the Indian Rummy Game

How do you expect to play rummy games without getting to hear some spicy stories and controversies about the same? Myths always surround any kind of game of cards. From people who’ve never played the game, you’ll get to hear different theories and stories that’ll make rummy

online rummy better than other card games

Why is Online Rummy Better Than Other Card games?

When you start playing rummy games online, it becomes impossible to leave the game until you finish the same. It’s a highly enticing! Unlimited challenges, all-time strategizing, reading your opponents, and the edgy tension – are enough to keep you glued to your screens. You might

addicted card games

Top 4 Popular Card Games That Can Keep You Addicted

Life is fun when you can play an ample number of games! For ages, playing different card games with the family has been a tradition. Rummy, Poker, Solitaire, and Bridge – common card games that interest everyone irrespective of age and gender. With the internet

online rummy facts

5 Curious Facts about Online Rummy

Is the prolonged work from home phase messing with your mood? Then, indulging in a mesmerizing game of online rummy is absolutely a wonderful idea. Make the first move and you’ll get on with the flow of the game! With so many gaming companies developing rummy apps nowadays, passionate