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13 card rummy popular india

Reasons Behind Popularity of 13 Card Rummy in India

Among all the variants of rummy, this is one whose roots can be traced back to India. Over centuries now, this game is being played by Indians. Even before online rummy came into existence, 13 card rummy was played at every Indian festival. Ask any Indian and

social benefits online rummy

Social Benefits of Playing Online Rummy – Rummy24

Kudos to digitalization, today everything is online! Delicious food, stylish garments, household items, medicines, books – anything you want will be delivered to your doorstep with online services. The gaming industry is also not far behind in this race. Among all others, online rummy has taken up

online rummy obstacles

4 Obstacles That Every Online Rummy Players Have Experienced

If you’ve been playing online rummy for a long time, then you would be accustomed to the pain points of the game. With over millions of rummy players opening accounts in different popular rummy apps, this has undoubtedly become a very popular game. If you think you’re

online rummy block

3 Proved Ways to Get Rid of Gamer’s Block in Online Rummy Games

Are you an online games addict? Maybe you’re not, but you’ll find many who are glued to their mobile sets or laptops 24/7. The never-ending thirst for earning more and more makes them forget their personal life and indulge in the gripping world of fantasy

smart rummy rules

4 Smart Online Rummy Rules That Can Change Your Game

Rummy has been there for ages. People are playing the game since eternity. Then why did it become popular again? Because the rules of the rummy card game have been changing from time to time. With the internet’s blessing, the game has again reinvented itself. If you’re

rummy player character

5 Important Characteristics of a Good Online Rummy Player

Not all rummy players are born experts. With time, practice, efforts, and skills rummy game skills are honed. The ones you see winning thousands and millions at online rummy didn’t become a professional overnight. It’s not a mere child’s play. Rather it’s a complete game of skill! No lucks,

online rummy reasons

Reasons for Not Shining as an Online Rummy Player

It’s not unknown to anyone that online rummy is a game of skill. Are you losing continuously in the game? Don’t blame your stars for the same. Rather, it’s your personal skill levels that are weak. Or It can be a wrong strategy that is creating a

unethical points for online rummy

4 Unethical Points to Take Care While Playing Online Rummy

Online rummy is a passion for the players. Once the players taste the victory, they get addicted to the game play. However, playing rummy in app is a good option if it is played ethically. Complying by the rules is an important factor. It’s a

AI on Online Rummy

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Online Rummy?

Online rummy is a vast industry. With the pandemic setting in, 2020 has seen vast growth in the terms of revenue within Indian online rummy. While being stuck indoors, more and more people are now registering to play at rummy apps. It has become an addiction among the